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    Manufacturing and distributing high quality refrigeration storage units is our goal for our customers. With over 25 years experience and counting, our team of skilled engineers have guaranteed success for our products functionality and customer satisfaction. We are determined on our mission to create a refrigeration unit that would help conserve electricity as well as being safe for the environment.



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    The performance of our products is guaranteed to be of the highest quality for our customers making it a worthy investment in the long run. We have invented a versatile freezer capable of allowing the user to utilize them in whichever matter they please. Whether it is to chill certain beverages like beer to a slushy state or ensuring pleasantly chilled beverages, the level 5 setting on our products is enough to chill your drinks the way you want. Innovative manufacturing processes from abroad combined with our emphasis on high quality materials has helped us to produce a refrigeration unit that is compatible with all food products meeting food grade standards.

    Our panel of experts ensure the safety of our customers and use environmentally safe refrigeration fluid in our machines. We take good care of our customers even after their purchases of our products with good CRM ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. All our production processes have been certified and passed under all regulations regarding manufacturing on all levels for the highest quality product in a cost efficient way. Therefore, you as our customer can trust in the high quality and performance of our products for our goal is to ensure that it will be the best investment you can make.


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